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Lash Perfect Express - 30 minute lash treatment

Express Lashes

Express Lashes

Lash Perfect Express, apply, remove and replace application enables you to have longer, fuller and thicker lashes in only 30 minutes. You are now able to transform your eyelashes during your lunch break, making sure you arrive back to work in style with show stopping lashes.

Unlike normal eyelash extensions, Lash Perfect Express are directly placed on top of the existing lashes; therefore, clients can be seated in a comfortable upright position.



Lash Perfect Express Lashes are available in a variety of lengths and in B and C curls. Lash Perfect Express Lashes should be removed professionally or gently removed at home; however, they can be replaced immediately after.

Lash Perfect Express last up to two weeks and are idyllic for holidays, parties or any special occasion where statement lashes are needed.

To find your local technician, visit the salon finder.

Training is available in selected areas. Call head office on: 0208 500 9028 or email info@lashperfect.co.uk

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