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The Business

Lash Perfect is an EU registered brand founded by leading industry professionals with a vast range of experience and expertise. Committed to the highest possible standards in customer care, quality and training, the Lash Perfect team continually strive to offer a premium service in all aspects of the eyelash extension business. With Accredited Certified Training, technical helpline and an excellent order and delivery service, your technical and business needs are fulfilled professionally and quickly. Offering marketing support materials, a national PR campaign and a salon finder service on the website, Lash Perfect is also focused on driving customers to your business.


Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are an extremely profitable beauty treatment. With low product costs and a national minimum average price between £80-120 for a full set of eyelash extensions (approx. 90-120 minutes work) and between £45-60 for a half set of extensions (approx. 45-60 minutes) excellent returns are guaranteed. Additionally, regular maintenance appointments are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Lash Perfect recommends setting your prices based on time, ensuring repeat business income on a regular basis.

Lash Perfect has developed a range of stylish, must-have branded retail products that include Oil-free Mascara, Finishing Glaze and Eye Makeup Remover. Our retail range increases profit margins and enhances post-treatment retail sales. Regular seasonal and special promotions are offered throughout the year, including regular email promotions for Lash Perfect clients.

International Presence

The Eyelash Design Company is proud to have a very strong international presence across all our brands.

We are, however, always interested in speaking to those who are considering distribution in territories where we are not already represented. We are looking specifically for those with businesses that already have a beauty industry network set up and are able to facilitate the provision of training as well as the selling of products to trained professionals. We provide technical and marketing support to our distributors but do expect that anyone we work with demonstrates a passion for our brands and understands the importance of maintaining our high levels of integrity and quality.

For a list of our international distributors please visit our International Distributors page or contact our international department for more details at info@lashperfect.co.uk.

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